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They must've forgotten what I've done for you. That I'm the one that kept you from tying that noose around your neck, then back around your head again.
Oh, how you wished you were dead. And at the time, I swear, I swear, I swear, I swear, I swear, I swear, I didn't know, I didn't know.
But was starting to show.

I thought it was teenage angst or hormones until you told me about that night you tried to overdose.
This went on for quite some time, you'd tell me that you tried, while I tried not to cry. Well I tried not to cry.

But those tears turned into anger, even though I was trying to save her.

We'd be on the phone for countless hours, more and more frustrated, I'd scream you're a coward and couldn't take much more. And I was the only one who knew, so I told her sister, she thanked me, and said it was the right thing to do.
Hospitalized, we had to miss her favorite concert, but I was just worried she'd hate me, and we wouldn't be together much longer.
And not a day goes by, with all these thoughts rushing through my head.
And to my surprise she said... "Thank you."

I clutched that orange bottle in the palms of my hands. She said it wasn't this world that she hated, it was herself she couldn't stand.
"You see I was not strong enough, but thanks to you, I long for us, we can be together forever and conquer all of our endeavors."

A year and half later, this love has not wavered.

But one fuck up is enough for them to lose all trust. They say I'm not a man, they say I'm here for show. They say we won't last but how would they know?

Cause without me, they would have nothing, but salty tears, and the fear that their daughter didn't have to be laying in a coffin.
You think I'm not a man? You think I'm here for show?
Well they must of forgotten.




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Ahoy! Cincinnati, Ohio

We're a three piece indie/post hardcore/spoken word band from Cincinnati. We create emotional music that tell vivid stories.

For booking opportunities, contact Ahoyband@yahoo.com

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